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Q: Your hair is perfect!!!x

Awwwwwh thank you :)))

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Meeeeee n Tonkaz


Frank wiedemann & ry cuming - Howling (Ame remix)

Q: What is your favorite color?

Hoooo gosh either teal, black or gold. Or even a burnt orangey. What’s yours?

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Q: Whats your usual exercise routine/what would you recommend? I never know where to start when I go to the gym!

I usually run 5k Mon-Fri and a big 10k at least once a week. On top of that I take up silly ab and squat challenges I come across on Pinterest. Start off small distances though, and stretch! I’ve really fallen in love with running so I massively enjoy doing it, you may enjoy other exercises instead! I’m just really determined to have a bangin bod. Also I think eating healthy really makes a difference to your motivation!

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Pretty proud of myself. Yesterday when I got home from work I set to trying to fix an old computer of mine. With aid of my parents, I got it set up, and was super excited to start playing Sims again. However it was waaaaaaaaay slow and took 1 hour to even get the game up. I’m gonna have to devote a whole week to installing and uninstalling and updating and clearing. By the time I gave up trying to load Sims it was like 9pm, I was lay in bed really bored so I went to make a salad. I then got really really annoyed, boarderline furious. My initial plan was to sleep it off but I dragged myself to the garage for a late night run. Was really impressed. I don’t know whether it was the anger inside me encouraging me to run 13km an hour or if it was because it was so late and I knew as soon as I was done I could get a shower and sleep. So I went to bed feeling super accomplished, my fastest run yet, fixed a computer, did day 2 of the ab challenge (twice) and squats.

So cannot wait to go to Tom’s tonight, very needed cheese and wine party.



so many notes god damnwe are so cute

it’s funny how bitter some people are about this

Rumer Willis, the oldest daughter of Bruce Willis and Demi Moore.
Yippee ki-yay motherfucker.


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